A new look, a new school MIS,
the same dynamic approach

You're planning for the future.
So are we…

Nearly 10 years ago, GO 4 Schools started as a system enabling schools to gather, track and share key information - online. Our customers quickly became strong advocates of our approach, and as their needs have evolved, so have we. Today, we help tens of thousands of teachers, data managers and senior leaders around the country understand their whole-school data in real-time and at a glance.

Answering our customers' needs drives everything we do, and this change is no different. The impact we've made on their lives has led to calls for a standalone GO 4 Schools Management Information System (MIS). This first glimpse at our new website design is to show you the exciting, unified platform we're developing. It'll also walk you through what to expect and how best to align yourself for a seamless migration.

Da Vinci Academy

Central to school improvement

"GO 4 Schools saves us time, allows for consistency, and helps us improve our students' learning, attendance and behaviour by focusing our support on what each individual student needs. Since adopting GO 4 Schools, it has become central to our school improvement strategy."

Adam Blake
A. Blake, Assistant Headteacher,
Da Vinci Academy, Derby

Much more than an MIS

The truth is that schools need more from an MIS than they're currently built to deliver. Reporting and inspection requirements keep changing, more people need access to the information, and different people need to use it in different ways. And then there's the question of time - schools want today's information at their fingertips. They want to know where they are now.

That's why we're developing the GO 4 Schools MIS to be much more than just an MIS. We're extending our current functionality to build a whole-school system that adapts to your teachers, support staff and leadership teams alike, while capturing, analysing and integrating all your data in a way that's right for you.

What's in it for you?

Everything you need

We're designing our MIS around our core of in situ analytics and role-specific pages, where all staff, governors and Trusts can track and explore real-time performance indicators by key-stage, focus group and school-defined groups.

  • Student and staff records
  • Curriculum planning and delivery
  • Timetable import
  • Exams management
  • Census returns
  • And more…

And everything you want

These functions will all be web-based, and therefore accessible in school or on the go. You'll also be able to pick and choose from our existing add-on modules and share data with 3rd-party tools if ever required.

How do our plans fit in with yours?

We'll be rolling out the MIS in two phases - a pilot phase with selected schools from September 2020, and then publicly for academic year 2021-2022.

We're not designing the MIS to replace our modular platform. Rather, we're giving you a new choice. And how you migrate largely depends on whether you're already using our modular system alongside your existing MIS.


Planning ahead:
Existing customers

We know that every school has its own requirements, goals and preferences, and our approach will always reflect that need for flexibility.

365体育现金 Being a customer obviously gets you most of the way to migrating to the MIS if you choose to do so. As the majority of your staff will already be using our core modular platform day-to-day, you'll just need to choose a timeline that suits you to complete the final steps.


Planning ahead:
Prospective customers

You don't have to wait for the MIS to start reaping the benefits of GO 4 Schools - you can join the hundreds of schools who already do.

The starter version, plus optional add-on modules, can transform your school with immediate online access to key performance measures, attendance and behaviour analysis, and much more. You can choose later if you want to go further with a smooth transition to our MIS.


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