Epic mealtime

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NYE 2011:

Started with O waking up first, as usual. He wandered around a bit, reminding us it is “breskist time” and then decided it would be fun to play with the key to our wardrobe. We bought an Ikea wardrobe this summer which locks with an old-fashioned key. Oscar often takes it in the morning and we always find it in interesting places like between the couch cushions, in the kid’s secret hiding toys place or on the kid’s craft table. Today I heard a “clank” and Oscar came running … “Mommy, I put in the garbage, I sad.” Now the garbage was in my line of vision, and I could tell he hadn’t put it there. I figured it was in the kid’s stool in the bathroom which has a slit/handhold cut in the side. Finally I got up to see what he was referring to … it turns out the “garbage” was the furnace vent in the bathroom. +1 Oscar. So because we live in an apartment, I know that the vents go horizontally instead of vertically to the furnace, and sure enough when I took off the vent cover I found the key. Ok so that means Dan can continue to wear clothing, good news ;) .

Step 2: run to the Itaian Centre for a few last minute groceries. In the past 2 years we did the classic “potato chip and champagne” pairing for New Year’s but we wanted something a bit different this time. We discussed various desserts we could purchase or make and finally decided on these awesome Portugese tarts they make there. They are full of custard and are just sweet enough to balance the egginess. I wanted to go early to make sure they didn’t sell out, so I went with Oscar first thing after breakfast. The driving was crazy … totally crazy. I don’t get it – people almost backing up into my car from the alleyways leading off Whyte, people changing lanes without signalling and people turning out of parking spots without checking for traffic (i.e. ME!). Fun times but miraculously we got there and back ok. The Italian centre was busy but they were fully staffed so things went smoothly. There was a guy making sandwiches and canapes on a table  by the deli, which was really cool. We got our tarts, some grissini, grapeseed oil (we were almost out) and some dried fruit for the kids.

We took the kids tobogganing at the nearby park but it was quite windy so we didn’t stay for too long. On the last round, Oscar went down by himself for the first time which he liked very much. We planned to go to La Poutine nearby but it was  closed, so we called D-LUX and ordered some for take out (Dan happens to know the chef is from Montreal and knew there was poutine on the menu). We even got a burger put on one of the orders. Why you ask? Turns out we had a half bottle of red wine from earlier in the week that we needed to finish off at lunch so that seemed like the best way to do it.

At home we dished out the poutine and thought it would be fun for the kids to try some pop for the first time. When I was a kid, my mom was very strict about what I had, but I was allowed to choose 4 bottles or cans of pop at Christmas and have them whenever I wanted. So we thought why not, let the kids have a try. We let them choose between ginger ale and cola, both sweetened with stevia. E chose cola, so we put it in a glass. E took one sip and said “I don’t like it” and O burst into tears. I guess that’s a good thing in a sense … they probably won’t drink pop for a long time yet, lol.

After lunch we watched “Cloudy with a chance of meatballs” which the kids enjoyed very much. It was pretty good and I loved the Mr. T cameo in it. Then after a snack we watched “Kiki’s delivery service” while making first course.

First course: loster raviloi from a local pasta producer and beurre blanc, which failed miserably the first time but worked the second time (Note: keep it of the heat most of the time once the butter is added and strain it after). Served with chilled Protos wine which we chilled in our new wine chiller (Thanks, Santa!)

Finally got the kids to bed around 9, then made the second course: Rossini (tenderloin, foie gras and truffles made with homemade demi-glace and veal stock this time) with a half bottle of red. Should have avoided that poutine at lunch … oh boy.

We watched “Tree of life” with champagne and the tarts – which was a beautiful and thought provoking film. Maybe not the best choice for  New Year’s as we were up late into the night talking about deep stuff – the movie family, childhood, and meaning – instead of partying. But it was a great night.

This morning we had mimosas with the leftover champagne, orange juice and orange blossom water. Then we took the kids tobogganing (Evelyn whined that she needed to be carried all the way home but we finally made it). Then we had fruit salad for lunch and relaxed. Yesterday’s meals were pretty crazy. Next year I think we both agree we will try tapas instead!