mystery solved

Filed under: baby | Tags: | November 24th, 2007

Finally this past week I was able to solve a mystery about Even that has been bothering me since she was about 5 weeks old. BTW I realise that to most of my family and friends these posts about Evelyn must be rather boring, but I am also hoping that other mothers who have experienced these problems can find some help through these things I have learned the hard way.

So from a very young age Evelyn was always a “fussy” eater. By that I mean that she would sometimes get extremely upset when I was trying to feed her. She would nurse for a bit and then arch away, screaming and refusing to try and nurse again. After a minute or so she would calm down enough to let me try again and she would act as if she really wanted to eat and then go through the whole thing again. I made all sorts of theories about the possible cause – maybe she didn’t want to eat, maybe she wanted to burp, maybe she was uncomfortable, maybe the milk was coming too fast, etc. Certainly on some occasions some of these explanations made sense but usually I couldn’t find a reason. Searching for resources on the web turned up practically nothing save the “strong letdown” suggested by some websites but that really didn’t seem to explain it.

I really didn’t figure it out until Evelyn started enjoying taking bottles (see previous posts). Two clues helped: first, she was most content eating in the morning when there was a lot of milk and the most upset in the evening when I seemed to have very little milk. Second, she would gladly take a bottle when she would resist nursing. I realised it had nothing to do with burping or the flow of milk coming too fast and obviously she still wanted to eat. I did have enough milk to feed her with, so it wasn’t related to there not being enough. The explanation, it turns out, is that she is very picky and gets impatient when the flow is too slow. There is practically nothing out there about this, save two websites: Kelly Mom has a small section on it and so does this website.

For the past month or so she has resisted going to bed. She used to fall asleep sometime between 7:30 and 8:30 but recently she has fallen asleep an woken up again, refused to nurse and absolutely would not let us put her back down in the crib. She would scream at the top of her voice until I would pick her up. I would have to wait about an hour until she would be content nursing again. So finally last week I decided to make up a bottle and see what happened. She drank it without a complaint, let me lie her down in the crib and fell asleep a few minutes later. So, I guess I will keep offering the bottles if she can’t fall asleep otherwise. After all, she is 7 months old and still refusing solids, so I guess I can understand why she might want a bit more. If she were patient enough to nurse it probably wouldn’t even be an issue, but that’s Evelyn.

In other news, Evelyn has now stopped rolling over and waking herself up, so we don’t need to use the foam blocks anymore. Also she caught a bad cold from Dan (who caught it from his teacher) and has been a very congested baby the past few days. Fortunately it seems to be over now so life goes on as normal.